River Lodge Resort was built in the 1930's as a camp for construction workers building the Parker Dam. There was a restaurant and bar where the reservation office is now and the rooms lining the halls of the current clubhouse were once hotel rooms. Rumor has it that the rooms were once used as a brothel for the workers at the dam. Whatever the case, River Lodge Resort has always been a place where travelers can blow off a little steam and get away from the day to day responsibilities of life.

The 70's and 80's are a blur for most of those who survived. The Parker Strip was filled with fast boats and wild young people from Southern California. Sundance Saloon, Roadrunner Floating Bar and Foxes were up and running and were packed beyond capacity all summer long. Heavy drinking, wet t-shirt contests and flashing were all the rage. This generation of 'River Rats' is where the Parker Strip got it's reputation as THE place to party. Few rules and tons of fun.

The Early Days

The 50's and 60's produced a lot of beautiful cars, boats and travel trailers. Families started bringing their children to the river for camping, boating, water skiing and fishing. There were water ski clubs that would rent out huge sections of River Lodge Resort and have competitive water ski races. One of the clubs, Wailers Ski Club, is still active. (We would love to get our hands on some of the old photos of the clubs that were here.

1950's and 1960's

1990's - Aerial Shots

1970's and 1980's


River Lodge Resort